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Athletic Mouthguards in Libertyville, IL

Is it normal for a parent to feel nervous about your child’s teeth falling victim to sports related injury? The solution to this problem is an athletic mouthguard. The American Dental Association recommends athletes to wear athletic mouthguards for sports to avoid severe injuries.

The mouthguards are removable dental accessories that protect the teeth and gums from trauma and injuries. Initially used only by athletes, mouthguards have become increasingly popular among the people who indulge in recreational sports as it provides easy-to-use teeth protection.

Who should wear athletic mouthguards

  • Professional athletes who play ice hockey, soccer, football or any other sport where the risk of dental injury is high. Mouthguards for rugby are very essential.
  • Children and adults who engage in the above-mentioned sports or other dangerous activities with risks of injury (e.g. skateboarding).

Athletic Mouthguard Care and maintenance

The care and maintenance of the mouthguard is relatively simple and does not require a lot of time. The basic rule is to keep it clean! Rinse the mouthguard or clean it with a mild cleanser after each use and clean it thoroughly before putting it back in your mouth. If the mouthguard is made in acrylic, it needs to be kept fully immersed in water to maintain its shape and properties.

With the right athletic mouthguard, you will feel confident. If you are planning to get the mouthguards, contact our friendly staff today.